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Join us to learn more about blockchain technology- including smart contracts, building financial products, and more! We are proud to host our semester-long Developer Course where we aim to further educate and cultivate young talent here at UBC.

Connect with ambitious peers and work alongside companies to gain experience and further your career! We provide an unparalleled opportunity to secure internships and funding for projects. Build alongside professionals and demonstrate your learning at our demo day and hackathon events to win prizes and sponsorships.

Here is what we have planned for this year! Interested? Register here.

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DateSession TitleDescription
21/09/2022Introduction to Blockchain DevelopmentA first introduction to communicating with an EVM compatible blockchain, how to get configured, interact with contracts, and send transactions.
28/09/2022Introduction to SolidityIntroduction to Solidity and its uses, some common design patterns, how to setup the Remix IDE, and how to write smart contracts for a simple application.
05/10/2022Solidity Paradigms and gas optimizationGoing over gas and how different operations affect usage, how mining works, and best design practices to write gas-optimized contracts.
13/10/2022React.js and Full Stack Blockchain DevelopmentStudents will hear from and ask professional blockchain developers questions. Full stack project and office hours by Alchemy.
19/10/2022Industry night Fireside ChatStudents will get the opportunity to ask multiple blockchain developers at top companies about what it is like working in industry.
26/10/2022Contract SecurityPresented by Zellic: an overview of smart contract security, breakdown of some famous contract expoits, and some tips for ensuring security when designing financial applications.
02/11/2022Advanced Blockchain DevelopmentTesting, smart contract security, IPFS, MEV, isolated smart contracts vs networks of smart contracts (difference in interactions in isolation vs making multiple smart contracts interact in a safe way).
09/11/2022Sponsored Building Session - SuperfluidBuilding a payment streaming application with Superfluid.
16/11/2022Sponsored Building Session - LayerZero/SushiIntroduction to LayerZero and interoperability.
23/11/2022Sponsored Building Session - LayerZero/SushiBuilding with LayerZero.
30/11/2022Sponsored Building Session - LayerZero/SushiBuilding with LayerZero.
07/12/2022Demo DayA day for students to present to sponsors and club members.